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Buying and selling gold, diamonds, or jewellery is about much more than a simple transaction. Whether you’re parting with your prized possessions or adding new pieces to your collection, the process should be driven by trust.

With more than 40 years of experience, John adds a wealth of knowledge to the buying and selling process. You can be assured that you will get the most cash possible when selling your pieces and the lowest prices when you’re ready to buy.

Keep reading to see how you can work with John to get cash for all of your gold, diamonds, and jewellery.

How to Get What You Want


The first thing you need to do once you decide to buy or sell your jewellery for cash, is to find a dealer that you trust. Your dealer should have the tools and the expertise necessary to give you accurate information about all of your pieces.

When you work with John, it’s a guaranteed simple 3-step process when buying and selling pieces from your collection:

Step 1

Make a free appointment with John in our Calgary office. Walk-ins are also accepted.

Step 2

Bring your jewellery in for an in-house appraisal where John can explain your jewellery’s worth in simple, understandable terms.

Step 3

Receive cash or check for your jewellery, or trade in your pieces for something from John’s unique collection.

Sell • Highest Price Guarantee


John has the expertise, experience, and tools needed to guarantee you the highest price on all of your gold and diamond jewellery. Many jewellery owners think they know the value of their jewellery; however, upon closer inspection, they may find out that it’s worth much more than they thought.

With in-person appraisals with John himself, selling your jewellery can be the personal, individualized situation you’re looking for.

John’s reputation is built on years of ethical and honest business, which has kept his clients loyal for decades.

Buy • Lowest Price Guarantee


Whether you’re looking to buy a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one or trade in your jewellery for a unique piece, John can help you find the perfect treasure. Select your pieces in-house or order your jewellery from John’s extensive online catalogue. John’s curated collection includes a wide variety of unique pieces that promise to suit every taste and style.

Best of all – John guarantees the lowest price of every piece of jewellery you buy.

Safety & Security

Located in the Southcentre Executive Tower in Calgary, our office is built to provide you with the security you expect from jewellery professionals.

Each of our clients is required to provide identification before working with us, ensuring safety and security from start to finish.

Your safety and security throughout the buying and selling process is our top priority.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Our buying and selling process is always discreet and confidential.

We promise to protect all of your personal information—we’ll never sell it to third parties or use it for marketing purposes.

Most importantly, all of our appraisals are conducted in-office. We never discuss your business online or over the phone.

"I had been to several places to have my grandma's jewelry appraised, but John by far gave me the fairest evaluation. He walked me through each piece, and helped me understand the process. I would definitely return!"

Anita R.

"If you want to buy a unique ring from someone passionate about what they do, then this is the place for you. From the moment I walked in I was thoroughly impressed, and left with the perfect engagement ring for my soon-to-be wife. Thanks John!"

Randy B.

"I really wanted to trade my old ring in and find something newer. John did an excellent job helping me find what I was looking for, and gave me a great price for my old ring. I can't recommend Gold & Diamond Buyers enough!"

Marion A.

Get the highest price for your jewellery.

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