Lab-made diamonds are making considerable gains in the diamond industry and for good reason.

Consumer research even shows that more people are choosing lab-made diamonds. 


Lab-made diamonds are much cheaper than mined diamonds.

Calgary’s Teacher of Diamonds, John Ollman, explains the difference between lab-made diamonds and mined diamonds to show why they are the right choice for you. 

Calgary Lab-Made Diamonds Expert Covers Diamond Differences

When it comes to the physical properties, there aren’t any differences between lab-made diamonds and earth-made ones. Both lab-made diamonds and earth-mined diamonds are composed of carbon. 

The main difference with lab-made diamonds is that real diamonds are grown in a lab rather than in the earth. 

Even gemologists agree that the structure of lab-made and mined diamonds are identical.

What are Traditional, Mined Diamonds?

There are a few factors that are attributed to diamonds mined from the earth. 

Excavation Process and Effects

In traditional mining, geologists locate a diamond source, usually in a riverbed, and trace back the primary origin of diamond deposits. If a diamond presence is considered profitable, shanks are put into the ground and massive amounts of soil are extracted through ore-bearing pipes. 

Studies show that natural diamond mining has a severe effect on the environment. Some of the adverse impacts of diamond excavation include land disturbance, waste disposal, water usage, carbon emissions, and nitrous oxide emissions.

Many populations also experience social repercussions as a result of traditional mining. Research indicates mining communities suffer from civil disorder, increased crime, increased government corruption, and much more.


Mined diamond cost fluctuates and is dependent on many different factors. Mined diamond prices range from $1,500-$16,000. However, the average cost falls at about $5,000 for a one-carat mined diamond. In contrast, the average cost of a one-carat lab-made diamond is approximately $3,500. 

What are Lab-made Diamonds?

There are two ways to grow diamonds in a lab: the high pressure/high-temperature method (HPHT) or through chemical vapor deposition (CVP). 

In HPHT, a tiny piece of diamond, known as a diamond seed, is bathed in graphite. It is then mixed in a metal-based catalyst and put under high temperatures and high pressure until the diamond grows. This method mimics the natural diamond creation process but speeds it up by a few million years. 

In CVP, the diamond seed is placed into a vacuum environment along with hydrogen gas and methane. This process forces the diamond to form. Diamonds can grow to their desired size within three months. 

Why Choose Lab-Made Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds have undergone studies to determine if they are inferior to mined diamonds, and there is clear evidence they are not. 


What defines a quality diamond? Color, cut, carat, and clarity.  

When considering color, research shows that nearly all lab-made samples fell into the “near-colorless” category. Looking at the diamond cut, 85% of lab-grown diamond samples are of excellent cut when compared to traditionally mined diamonds. Since 2016, nearly 50% of lab-created diamonds weighed more than a carat. Because lab-made diamonds cover the same clarity spectrum as mined diamonds, they fall under the same clarity grading scale. 


The most incredible benefit of buying lab-made diamonds is the cost. Lab-made diamonds run about 30% -40% less than mined ones. 


As discussed earlier, traditional mining is devastating to the environment and global communities. When you buy lab-made diamonds, you are reducing the diamond carbon footprint by 7%, and your lab-made diamond is conflict-free. 

Lab-made diamonds are a win-win. You get a beautiful gem and save the world all in one. 

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