With so many jewelry stores, online retailers, pawnshops, and quick cash for gold schemes out there, it’s easy to sell your gold and jewelry today. Too easy, sometimes. With all these people and places wanting to buy your precious gold pieces, it’s unfortunately not uncommon for some people to get duped.

You don’t want to be taken advantage of when selling your gold keepsakes. Fortunately, you can learn from the mistakes of others.

With that in mind, here is a list of the four biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to selling their gold. Avoid these red flags to sell safely – and get the best price!


1. Skipping an X-ray Testing

 Getting your valuables assessed is essential. If you don’t get an x-ray assessment you won’t know the true value of your pieces – and some buyers will take advantage of that. You need to know what your keepsakes are worth (and have the documentation to prove it) to keep unscrupulous buyers from taking advantage of you.

With reliable and precise x-ray XL2 testing, John Ollmann can accurately identify the price for each piece, often earning you more for your gold and diamonds than you would be paid elsewhere. It’s also important to note that most jewelry stores are decades behind and are still using the good ol’ Acid Test because it’s cheaper. In fact, $2.00 per bottle. You will obviously not benefit from this. John has invested a great deal on our x-ray XL2  ($25, 000) and diamond scales to ensure our clients are getting the most bang out of their bling!

2. Acting on Impulse

Let’s face it, many people look to sell their jewelry when they need to make some quick cash. However, acting on impulse, without doing the proper homework, can result in you getting less than the fair value for your pieces. There are plenty of unscrupulous buyers out there eager and willing to take advantage of sellers in a rush.

 As a seller, you want to be every bit as smart about what you’re selling as potential buyers may be. You also don’t want to rush into selling now when you may get more money by waiting for a little.

Be rest assured that our team derives our prices for gold and diamond straight from the New York Stock Exchange. Our quotes are refreshed and provided at the moment the client is in the store. This ensures the best possible price for your gold and diamonds.

2. Mailing in Your Pieces

It’s safer to deal with a local buyer. Period. When you mail in your pieces to a distant buyer you run the risk of losing the jewelry in the mail – or of being conned. There are plenty of trustworthy mail order or online dealers, but there are also some who are less reputable. It’s always a risk to send away your valuable keepsakes, especially if you haven’t received any payment or guarantees in advance.

At our location in Southcentre Executive Tower, we give our clients (and ourselves) the peace of mind of 24/7 security.

4. Being Too Trustworthy

Even when you’re dealing with a local buyer, you want to keep your eyes open – just in case. If a dealer doesn’t let you watch while they weigh and inspect your pieces, you need to walk away. Even if they tell you that it’s their policy, don’t trust what’s going on outside of your sight. “Trust but verify” is a good slogan, which means keeping your eyes on your valuables at all stages of the process.

The Bottom Line

When you’re selling your precious gold and jewelry, you want to avoid making rookie mistakes. It’s important to find a reputable dealer you can trust, such as John Ollmann and the experts at Gold & Diamond Buyers / Sellers. Contact us today to learn more.


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