Thinking about selling your gold jewelry? Calgary jeweler and buyer, John Ollmann, has over 40 years in the business and he’s seen his fair share of first-time sellers. Unfortunately, first-time sellers are not always smart sellers. 

To get the most return on your investment, you have to be a smart seller. To help you get smart quick, here’s a list of four things to consider before selling gold in Calgary.

1. Choose a dealer with reliable x-ray testing


Antique possessions, inherited jewelry, unwanted gifts, gold coins, and gold chains – they all have value. But the price of your gold depends on the purity or karat, the weight, and the current price for gold. With reliable and precise x-ray XL2 testing, John Ollmann can accurately identify the price for each piece, often earning you more for your gold than you would be paid elsewhere.


2. Not in a rush? Ask John to sell your jewelry as an estate piece

Family heirlooms, gifted jewelry and even scrap gold can be incredibly valuable depending on their time period, condition, rarity, and other factors. At Gold and Diamond Buyers in Calgary, we feature your jewelry in pristine and safe displays for those interested.

By selling your gold and silver as estate jewelry with Gold and Diamond Buyers, you open the doors to our current and prospective clients. We take the time to clean and really learn your jewelry so we can attract the right buyer. This ensures you get the highest price for what you traded-in.


3. Turn unwanted gold jewelry into a new piece in memory of someone

If you’re unhappy with the prices you received for your gold, consider turning your jewelry into a new piece in memory of a loved one. John Ollmann also offers custom design if you would like to add additional gems. 

Turning old or unwanted jewelry into designs that reflect your inspiration and your love may turn it into a timeless piece for you to keep for many more years.


4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Don’t feel pressured to sell and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any reputable expert in the jewellery industry will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you have during this process. 

Whatever it is you’re not sure of, ask!  Parting with your keepsakes can be a tough decision. Buyers like John Ollmann who have been in the industry for a long time offer support and answers to ensure your experience is a positive one. 


The Bottom Line

When you’re selling your precious gold, jewelry, gold coins, or gold bars – you want to get a reasonable price and not feel as if you’ve taken been advantage of. It’s important to find a reputable dealer who will treat you fairly, such as John Ollmann and the experts at Calgary’s Gold & Diamond Buyers. Contact us today to learn more.

Thinking about selling your gold jewelry here in Calgary? John Ollmann has the reputation and experience to help you today!


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